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Wear a Bike Helmet

Wear a Bike Helmet

On 8/11/15, I was riding my bike in Wicker Park. It was still light at 7:20 pm as I approached the intersection of Paulina and Wabansia. I was traveling south bound on Paulina at a slow pace and stopped at the stop sign. Remember, I was 58 years old and overweight at that time.

As I stopped, I noticed a SUV traveling eastbound on Wabansia about ¼ block west of the intersection. Since the SUV had to stop I started to ride through the intersection. When I was a little more than half way through the intersection, I looked to my right and saw that the SUV was less than 2 feet away from me and the driver was looking down into her lap.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the middle of the intersection on the ground. I was taken by ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The photo accompanying this article are of the helmet I was wearing on 8/11/15. You can easily see the two large cracks on the left side. Additionally, there were cracks in the black foam part near the rear of the helmet as well.

I was only about 6 blocks from my home. That helmet probably saved my life. Without the helmet, my head striking the road would be like cracking an egg in a cast iron skillet. I ended up with a concussion and broken rib. It could have been much worse. WEAR A HELMET WHEN BIKE RIDING. No excuses. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET WHEN BIKE RIDING.

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