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Ride Sharing Issue - Uber and Insurance

Ride Sharing Issue - Uber and Insurance

Ride sharing services, such as Uber Car, have received a lot of media attention lately. As opposed to Cabs, Ride sharing drivers can only transport service members and can't pick up people off the street or from the airports and McCormick Place. The Cabs object that the Ride Share services don't have the expenses that cabs have.

Ride Share services don't have the insurance coverage requirements or licensing requirements that cabs have.

Injured in an Uber Ride Share Accident in Chicago

Uber Car is introducing a new service called Uber X. This service is cheaper than regular Uber services and basically allows anyone with a license to work for them. Although I have had complaints with cab drivers over the years, I can't see this service as being a real benefit to the consumer.

I would wait until these services are required to have insurance before I would use them.
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