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Tort Reform / Myths Medical Malpractice, II

Tort Reform / Myths Medical Malpractice, II

Illinois Tort Reform Image

Tort Reform not having an effect?

In the March 2, 2015, the Forbes magazine article declares that Tort Reform is not having the effect that it’s proponents claim. One of the arguments made by the proponents on Tort Reform is that our medical care system works fine as is. Statistics prove otherwise. According to the Institute of Medicine at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, at least 44,000 patients are killed each year due to poor medical care and many more are injured. That number is more than the combined deaths caused by car crashes and work related accidents. Significantly, this figure does not include patients who died in clinics, ie., Joan Rivers.

Anesthesia medical malpractice suits

The article also discusses the effects medical malpractice suits had on the practice of anesthesia. In the 1980s, several verdicts had caused the anesthesiologists to reform their practice procedures. As a result,the mortality rates for anesthesia related problems decreased from 1/6000 patients to 1/200,000 patients by the 1990s.

Nationwide, approximately 44,000 Americans are killed due to poor medical care and and many more are injured. We need the civil justice system more than ever.

Will doctors leave non Tort Reform states?

Finally, Tort Reformers (insurance companies) claim that doctors will leave non Tort Reform states. Illinois does not have Tort Reform. Each Illinois doctor must be licensed by the state in order to practice medicine, so the state keeps track of the number of doctors practicing medicine. In 2014, there was an increase of more than 800 doctors licensed to practice medicine in Illinois.

Who is supporting Tort Reform?

Insurance Companies and large corporations are the supporters of Tort Reform. They distribute mis-information in the hopes of convincing the public not to hold them accountable for their misconduct. In Illinois, the present civil justice systems holds them responsible for their wrongdoing. The civil justice system has benefited patients undergoing anesthesia. The insurance companies still increase their premiums to doctors even in states that have Tort Reform. Doctors are not leaving Illinois a claimed.

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