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Tort Reform Effect

Tort Reform Effect

In the last decade, Texas has enacted some of the most drastic medical malpractice laws in the United States. Texas severely limits damages for pain and suffering. Texas laws also places severe burdens on a malpractice victim seeking redress. The purpose of these laws is to help the doctors and hospitals and harm patients.

Happy Pregnant Woman

A recent University of Maryland study, reported in the Chicago Tribune on 6/5/17, found that Texas had the highest pregnancy related death rate in the United States. The statistics went on to show that Texas had the highest pregnancy death rate in the developed world. Texans like to brag about their state yet they can’t deliver good medical care to pregnant women. Frankly, this is pathetic.

There is more than one reason for the spiraling pregnancy related death rate but a substantial part of it is due to medical malpractice reform. I am sure there are some outstanding doctors, nurses and hospitals in Texas. I am also sure that there are some absolutely awful doctors, nurses and hospitals in Texas, as well. In Texas, the bad healthcare professionals and are not held accountable for their negligence, except under rare circumstances. This encourages cutting corners because there are no consequences for commiting malpractice.

One other consequence of this medical malpractice related Tort Reform is the movement of healthcare providers to Texas. If a bad doctor or nurse is looking for a place to practice, Texas would be the perfect spot. Texas is more likely to attract poor quality healthcare professionals because of its terrible medical malpractice laws.

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