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Republican Governor Bruce Rauner thinks he doesn’t trust the Illinois Supreme Court

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner thinks he doesn’t trust the Illinois Supreme Court

Of course he doesn’t trust them because he believes that he should be able to control them. Governor Rauner continued to rant that Illinois Lawyers should not be able to contribute to judge’s campaigns. Governor Rauner went on to describe this practice as a conflict of interest.

Brauner Judge Campaign Funds from LawyersFirst of all, any lawyer can contribute to a judge’s campaign. This means that lawyers who do work for insurance companies and corporations can contribute to judicial campaigns as well. The systems does not favor one group over another. Additionally, any members of electorate can contribute to judicial campaigns.

Governor Rauner accepted over $800,000 in campaign contributions from attorneys but apparently nothing is wrong with this.

Specifically, he accepted $400,000.00 from a large law firm called Kirkland & Ellis. Governor Rauner also accepted donations from other large law firm such as Sidley, Austin, etc. Both those firms represent clients who have done business with the State and conduct business in Illinois so a Governor’s actions can effect their bottom lines. No conflict of interest here according to Governor Rauner. I am sure Kirkland & Ellis will receive no preferential treatment from the Governor’s office.

Governor Rauner sees no conflicts of interest when it comes to his acceptance of donations.

Ken Griffin, who owns the Citadel hedge fund which has invested public pension funds, donated $4.59 million dollars to the governor’s campaign. Edgar Jannotta, the CEO of investment Bank William Blair contributed just over $405,000.00 to the governor’s campaign. Other large contributors include the Illinois Manufacturers Association and State Farm Insurance Co. I am sure none of these investors, banker, manufacturers or insurance companies would expect to favors from the governor.

Governor Rauner’s biased view of what constitutes a conflict of interest is especially apparent when one looks at some of his appointments.

Foresight Energy is a conglomerate primarily in the coal business. Chris Klein is the coal billionaire who operates Foresight Energy. Foresight/Chris Klein contributed $100,000.00 for the governor’s inauguration ceremony. Governor Rauner appointed Rep. Rosenthal, who has received large contributions from Mr. Klein’s companies, to the position of the head of the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources. That department is responsible for regulating mining in Illinois. I am sure having a pawn of the coal industry, running the department responsible for regulating that same industry, means the interests of the citizens will always be the primary focus of Mr. Rosenthal.
( Yeah, right!).


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