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Many Stores Only Keep Surveillance Footage for Only a Few Weeks

Many Stores Only Keep Surveillance Footage for Only a Few Weeks

I know that many people are not really sure what a lawyer does or why he/she does it. The reason is not that what we do requires superior intelligence. The reason is the lawyer, including this one, often times does a poor job of explaining to the client what needs to be done and why. I will attempt to shed some light on certain issues that are sometimes confusing.

security footage for injury casesFirst, if you are injured due to the fault of another, then first and foremost obtain the appropriate medical care. You really don’t want your own estate to have a Wrongful Death lawsuit.

Second, if possible, this obviously depends on your condition at the scene, get names and phone numbers of anyone who saw what happened. So often many people witness a car crash, yet no one gets the names and numbers of the few who stop to render assistance. If you have an uninjured passenger, ask him/her to obtain the witness information. Otherwise, you have no witnesses who can testify as to what happen. Also, please get a cell phone number if possible, because people rarely change that number.

Third, take photos of the car, scene and/or defective product. In this age of cell phone cameras this should be easy. This usually does not have to be done right after the injury causing event in the event that you are hurting too much. Also, look around to see if there are any surveillance cameras in the area. Your attorney will want to request that the store/restaurant not erase the tape as soon as possible. Many stores will only keep the tapes for a few weeks before they record over it, so time is of the essence.

What to do after an accident - task list:

  • obtain appropriate medical care
  • get names and phone numbers anyone who say what happened
  • ask uninjured passengers to obtain witness information
  • get cell phone numbers
  • take photos of scene or defective product
  • look around for surveillance and security cameras
  • do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company (yours or theirs)
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