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Insurance Negotiation Tactics

Insurance Negotiation Tactics

Chicago Insurance Adjuster Attorney

Insurance companies make bundles of money by not paying fair value on claims.

An adjustor is evaluated on how much money he saves the company. One of the best ways of doing this is by not paying fair value on claims. He/she does this by pretending to sympathize with your situation for the sole purpose of getting you to trust him/her. He/she then tells you that he/she wished he could pay more money but his/her hands are tied for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. In the adjustor’s experience, your claim just isn’t worth what you think it is.
  2. The adjustor’s supervisor and/or boss is unreasonable and will only offer you a fraction of what your claim is really worth.
  3. In the adjustor’s opinion, you should have healed quicker and you are exaggerating your pain even though this person does not know you and is not qualified to render medical opinions.
  4. In the adjustor’s opinion, if you went for medical treatment frequently after you were injured, most of that treatment was unnecessary because you were just trying to build up your case.
  5. If you went for treatment infrequently because you wanted to see how you would improve on your own, then you were not badly hurt otherwise you would have received more treatment.
    * See how they got you coming or going. If you treat a lot or just a little, in either case you don’t deserve to be paid fair value for your case.
  6. The adjustor will usually make a final offer well below what your claim is worth and try to convince you he/she is not taking advantage of you. If you don’t immediately agree or wish to think it over, you will be pressured to take the offer now. WHY? The adjustor is afraid that that a lawyer will tell you where you have been deceived. The other thing to consider is why do adjustors universally try to get people not to talk to a lawyer. If the insurance company’s offer is fair, then having a lawyer of your choosing would confirm that the offer is fair. Why don’t they encourage people making claims to consult with an attorney, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT TREATING YOU FAIRLY!

When a person is injured by the negligence of an insured person or company, an insurance company is only interested in two possible outcomes:

  1. Pay absolutely nothing.
  2. If the company must pay something, pay as far below fair value as possible.
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