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Corporate Concealment of Lobbying

Corporate Concealment of Lobbying

It is understandable that businesses have to conceal certain proprietary information. Trade secrets and secret formulas might deserve such protection under certain protection. In an earlier blog discussion, I discussed how insurance companies lobbied so they won’t be identified in personal injury lawsuits.

US Chamber of Commerce Lobbying

The concealment in that instance is for deceptive purposes. However, this is not the only area where corporate concealment is used for deceptive purposes.

For the most part the USCC is a lobbying group representing the interests of big, not small business.

The U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE sounds so official. Many people have been misled into thinking it is a bona fide government agency. It is not. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce [hereinafter called USCC] would like to convince you that it’s a group representing small businesses. It is not even though it might have some small business members. For the most part the USCC is a lobbying group representing the interests of big, not small business.

Non-members are not given access to membership lists. Why? So large corporate members can have the USCC do their bidding and not risk any blow back. Even though the membership list is kept confidential, certain companies have been identified because they informed their shareholders that they contributed money to these lobbyists. BTW, the USCC spends the most money lobbying Congress of any lobbying group. Lets identify a few members:

  1. News Corp.( Wall Street Journal, etc., Rupert Murdoch);
  2. Dow Chemical;
  3. Wal Mart:
  4. Merck;
  5. Daimler-Chrysler;
  6. Prudential-Financial.

Not exactly your local Mom and Pop hardware stores. Lobbying requires a lot of money and large corporations have plenty of cash available.

In 2008, the USCC spent a total of $140,000,000.00 on lobbying. Forty five donors contributed one half of that sum in 2008. You can safely assume those 45 donors had a lot to say about what lobbying activities were undertaken. Recent history, shows the amount of money the USCC spent on lobbying:

  • a. 2015=$64,000,000
  • b. 2014=$124,000,000.00
  • c. 2013=$74,000,000.00
  • d. 2012=$136,000,000.00

The expenditure of these huge sums of money gives the USCC an outsized political influence. It supports overwhelming Republican candidates and position. It has opposed Obamacare, climate change and legislation aimed at curbing tobacco use. THESE COMPANIES HIDE BEHIND THE USCC TO DECEIVE YOU!

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