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Safety - Chicago Bike Accident

Safety - Chicago Bike Accident

Chicago Bikes and Cars Sharing the Lanes

In this day and age, bikes and cars need to peaceful coexist. The recent influx of large numbers of cyclists has caused more interaction between the cars and bikes. Both vehicle types need to realize that the roads must be shared. Some Cyclists do need to realize that they must follow the Rules of the Road. On the other hand, some need to realize that cyclists have a right to use the road too.

I was struck by a Car on Armitage

Most cyclists, including me, are also drivers. I ride my bike but I also own a car. The biggest problem for cyclists is making sure they are seen. In the night time that means, the bike must have both front and rear lights to alert drivers that they are on the road.

The difficulty of being seen was brought home to me as a result of being struck by a car. I suffered a small cut on my left thumb and a skinned knee. It was a summer day, I was biking eastbound on Armitage in the middle of the bike lane. The car was going 15 mph and was about 5 feet in front of me when she slowed a little, swerved to her right in order to park. The rear quarter panel struck me knocking me off my bike.

Look in the Rearview Mirrors and Use Turn Signals

I yelled at her, admittedly not the best thing to do, "Didn't you see me?" It was a sunny day and I was right where I was supposed to be, but she said she didn't seem. We exchanged info and left the scene. I believe that if she looked in her rearview mirror that I wasn't there.

We need to remind drivers to look in their side view mirrors when driving. If she looked out her passenger side view mirror she would have seen me and avoided this crash. Also, she never put on her right turn signal. We bike riders need to tell drivers to use right turn signals. Sometimes I think I am the only drive in Chicago who actually uses the right turn signal.

I was hit by a car while riding my bike in the street

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